Monday, May 8, 2017

You and You alone

Across the noisy metropolis, I find peace
Vehicular beeps and honks jives amorously as we dance under the moonlight
Chest to chest, the closer we get
Bumper to bumper they chase
Gently touched by smogs of one busy street

In the dusk of the night, I find light.
Found warmth from an embrace such tight
As your fingertips brushed mine, felt no lonesome at all
I know I’ll be safe in your arms on the day I fall

Wish to stop the world from turning
Wish to stop time from ticking
Wish to place the scene in slow-mo
Wish to put a halt on all pessimism
Cause with you that I yearn, seize the moment til it lasts

Without having noticed, these eyes are laid on you
Glares at a face of a man I adore
These hearts sing what our mouth couldn’t utter
This heart of mine that beat solely for you

When everything else in the world had gone left
You choose to remain and loved me in depth
My forever haven that I pray
May it be when; may it be then
It is YOU that I want until the end. 

-jelabee ♥

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