Monday, December 17, 2012

me on canvass

It may be too late for me to have this posted on blog but I would still love to share this with you.

A long time ago… Just kidding! ;-)

Well anyway, the story goes this way. I was having a writer’s block one time on a hot sunny morning of October (see? It is indeed a long time ago) and did nothing but to visit from site to site only. Until such time an interesting blog post appeared on the computer screen. A blogger made a portrait of another blogger named Lua. Later on, I got so compelled with what she wrote under, "Also, if you want me to draw a picture of you feel free to let me know by email:  . 

Without second thought, I emailed her the next day. Three to four days had passed before Betsy (the owner of the blog) responded. I was glad since she accepted my request on a positive retort. Excited as I was, I send her some of my photos as samples. 

I waited for days. Weeks and so... It actually came to me that maybe Betsy had forgotten the drawing which I have been asking from her. Yet I remained at ease with the said agreement of ours. Until one day I received another message from her...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! The long wait has come to an end, at last!

I visited her blog and was surprised to see these...

Though not too close with my actual appearance (actually I am quite fat in person) but I can still say that those illustrations are indeed worth praising. Even I, myself, can never do that for I am unskilled in terms of painting or drawing. 

 It is remarkable my beautiful blogger friend, Betsy ♥ 

Hello Kitty!

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