Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Power of Sorry

18 days, 9 hours had passed since I last posted on blog. I've been totally lost for quite sometime in the blogosphere. I've been busy all day searching for news articles for the publication and for my major subjects. I so miss posting, leaving comments and blog-hopping. I do hope you missed me, too. LOL xD

Well lets just continue anyway. These past few days, I have been crippled with all deceitful rumors spreading around, about me having a flirty affair with someone. Which is a hundred percent LIE! I really hate people who smile at me only when I face them, but talk erroneous words behind my back. The worst part is, she was my friend. It's indeed day-wrecking. When we meet, seeing her face and hearing her voice just get into my nerves for no reasons. I can truly be good but can be dreadfully mad when I get really pissed off.

Then followed with text messages from a guy, my friend actually, purely mocking me on phone. Calling me degrading names, as if we aren't friends. At first, I thought it was some sort of like a bluff. But then he kept on telling me words which hurt me a lot.

I ignored him for days. Until such time somebody approached us both and asked us to reconcile. There I knew, I did a mistake too. I did something wrong to my friend that upset him, making him act like that. Somehow I realized it was my bad. I've messed up with some of the stuffs he privately keep. If I should've known it earlier, then maybe we could have done something about that; and not letting the damage gone worst.

Yet they all made an apology, whether sincere or not. Who am I not to forgive them. They are my friends and I never bear grudge unto people who once been dear to me.

Actually, we're in good terms right now. And I'm hoping for the best of my friends to be in this state forever-- no pains, no conflicts. avoid rivalry as much as possible...


I was inspired with this line of Joshua Loth Liebman,    "We achieve inner health only through forgiveness-- the forgiveness not only for others but also for ourselves."

Monday, June 11, 2012

Can This be Love (Probably Not!) PART II

We just met few days ago. He was a freshman, while I'm a senior. I may have not know him that well, yet I kinda like him for some reasons. First off, he's cute, natty, humorous and waggish.  He's not just that. Drawing is his passion. He has a lot of comics, illustrations and sketches at home, all his creations. His poetry isn't that bad, too. In fact, he introduced me to some highfalutin words of his. Another thing interesting about him is his ability to speak in different accents, American, British, Australian, Japanese, etc.

All in all, he's my ideal man.

This guy actually was the same person whom I just shared to you on my last post. The one who just made my day complete.

Last week I received something from him. My heart pounded as to when he handed it over personally. His present was a book entitled "Blast From the Past"  by Ben Elton. He made an encryption of his name on it. So cute ;-)

I haven't started reading the book yet. Probably as soon as I am not that busy with school works.

Love to see my collection of books snowballing in number. I would surely take heed of them, especially that one given by someone who's very dear to me--HIM.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Can this be love? (Probably NOT!)

Its been awhile since my last post.  I've been busy..... at home and in school.

Adios vacation! Aloha calvary! Another set of sacrifices and sufferings be devoured now that school days had come at last. How quick time moves. It was like I enrolled myself in that university as a freshman just few days ago; now, am a junior Mass Communication student already. I never thought I could reach this far.

First day of class yet I haven't felt, seen or encountered anything unusual today, except for cute/good-looking/mouth-watering guys I met today.. (I really had to iclude that. hahahah). Unlike before, I got so anxious on facing new people, adapting a new environment and grabbing new challenges in college. This very day, everything seems so ordinary-- no joy, excitement, nor surprise embraced me.

However, seeing my course mates and co-workers in the publication made my day a little bit pleasing. Some altered few styles on their hair and attire, which I found odd, others did not. I acquainted people of different races and personality. Mingled with them for a short while then went back to our office to finish some paper works-- news articles. I wrote my draft, searched additional information from the web, then have it encoded.  Sat in front of the computer monitor, face frowned with sweat all over me. I hate it! HATE! HATE! The air conditioner in our office isn't functioning anymore. Since I can't go elsewhere, I don't have any choice but to stay in that damn hot room.

Had my lunch when the clock hit the hour of 12. Then, went to blogging afterwards. Even on the internet, I haven't seen anything that arouses my interests. Until ...........

I only have 4 subjects for today. Unfortunately I still have to wait until  7 pm for it to end. Just this afternoon, about 4 pm,  I headed towards the ladies' room when suddenly an amorous voice called my name. It was HIM! The one and only guy whom I waited the whole day to appear. I never anticipated that to happen. He was there, standing, smiling, staring at me. I'm all lose of words. I didn't know what to say, instead, I just responded hello. He asked me of a room he didn't know, I answered back. The next thing he said was, "Would you mind if we could walk around for a minute?"  Such an offer I couldn't refuse.Those words blew me off. I felt like an ice cube gently melting.

I enjoyed those few seconds we shared of promenading and chatting. His presence took my boredom and replaced it with thrill and fun. I really don't want that moment to end yet it has to.

I'm excited for the next few days I will be spending in school, especially that now I have my new inspiration. I know things might go bad and tough-- more sleepless nights, stressful home works and heart-pounding remarks from my instructors, yet I stand firm and strong. With HIM as my back-up, everything will come in handy for me.


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