Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Toast to a Night Well-wrecked

Was there an instance in your life wherein you felt like being punished because of a wrong doing? Or have you ever sinned? Did you suffer for it? Me, no doubt, I just did!

Tenth of April when I asked my co-staff in the publication to join me in my plan of staying over night at the office. She agreed and said to come in school at no time. Everything was prepared and I, myself, even brought a wine, stored in a plastic bottle, to look as if I was just carrying a bottle of grape juice. I reassured that it was totally secluded because if my parents find out that I'm  bringing such liquor, they will surely yell at me.
There were no other people in the office that night. It was only I and Myrna left in that room, such a perfect time for us to talk and do things privately-- just a girl-to-girl night get-away. We placed the wine first inside the frige because its tastier when cold. Luckily, we found a box of cookies inside the refrigerator, too-- a complete snack for midnight.
As I surfed the net, my phone rang. 'Twas my father, forcing me to go home with an intimidating voice. I just can't leave Myrna alone in the office, neither the wine, the cookies, nor the computer.
                   "NO! I will stay in the office, no matter what!." I strongly uttered.
Father called again and this time he's fetching me up. Myrna and I went to the gate to face papa. When I arrived, I did all sorts of alibis just to get through him. I can't believe I did another mistake, one big sin after the Holy Week-- lying. tsk! tsk!tsk! He departed the school with all anger.
Just when we thought the problem was over, it was followed by another one, a huge one. The office got locked-up and both of us don't have keys. We were empty-handed since we left all our stuffs inside the office, even our IDs which could have been used to unlock the door. When that happened I felt the world being loaded upon me. If only I could call my father back and accept what he was trying to offer but it was too late. I chose to stay and with that, I suffered the consequence of my deed (not telling the truth and disobeying my parents' orders).

Here I'm going to elaborate all the things that we did within an hour just to open that door.
WAY 1. So there we were, looking for tools that could open the door. We saw a hard rolled-up silver wire yet it was no use. Assiduously, we pushed and kicked the door with full force.

WAY 2. With hopes gently fading and head terribly aching, an idea came up to me, that is to climb on to the roof of that extended room below the building. That way, I could reach the jalousie window of our office and remove the parallel glasses one by one in order to get in. So, with all silence I roamed around to look for a ladder. Fortunately, I found one. Though it was quite heavy, Myrna and I carried it manly. We were like thieves sneaking in the middle of the night: too cautious in all our cations, worried that someone may caught us. Without even minding that cameras were all over corners of the campus, watching every single move we take.

WAY 3. The weakling Myrna warned me to cease my plan because she's afraid that we might get reported in the security office of our university from getting directly the ladder and climbing up the roof. We sought help from the security guard on-duty instead. He gave us an ID, one dull soft ID. We tried to use it in unlocking the door but as expected the card was useless because what we really needed was an object that is somewhat thin and hard.

WAY 4. From being exhausted, we became regretful upon experiencing such sanction. I never thought  we could be punished as bitter as that. Instead of complaining, both of us prayed, asking God's forgiveness.
Eventually, my friend Myrna found these two 'glow-in-the dark' objects. I can't figure out if luck has really got into us or God just heard our pleas because those objects unlocked the door, actually. It's a miracle!!
Myrna's first attempt

Open at last
One triumphant dive on bed

♥ An experience worth celebrating...♥
the toast of victory

The lady that made the celebration possible

Lastly, our lucky charms. We could never surpassed the challenge without these two.

Our lucky charms

From then on, it became the sign of our friendship

♥Our few cute moments together before going to sleep..♥

partners in crime

Sleepy-heads.. zzzZZZzz (-_-)

Let me end up this post with a verse I grasp from the internet.

Proverbs 28:13 
"People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy."

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Sui generis Writer said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

Sneaking in wine, lying to parents, using office for girls' night out... aren't you a gutsy one! ;)

No matter what you do, ensure your safety first. :->

Sleep tight! :D

Noblesse Key said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

give me back my CHIPS!

Jela Mae Ruales said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

@Sui generis Writer.. thanks for that advice!.. love et!

Orange Pulps ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

oh no!!! grabeha ninyo ha. kamu na talaga :)))

Jana Teves said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

What a unique experience! Now you know what to do next time. Beware of lying and disobedience! Haha.

Followed you! ;)
Mind a follow back?

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