Monday, April 30, 2012


Just yesterday, we made a quick visit to my mother's place in Tanjay City,  one hour ride from my town. We relaxed in my grandparents house. Then craved on what grandma served on the table, MANGO-- the most sought-after tropical fruit grown here in the Philippines. We savored its sweetness, the ones left from last day's harvest.
Next stop, to where my cousin's dwell. Before reaching their house, a beautiful farm with a steep beside can be seen from afar. 
There I met some relatives of mine whom I haven't seen for several months already. A lot of chatting, story-telling, laughing and eating, again, took place. The mirthy atmosphere suddenly added with surprise as to when my uncle showed us a BAT,caught few minutes before we arrived. He tried to kill the poor creature but my parents ceased him from doing so. Pity and compassion embraced me seeing the little fella shriek, forcing himself to escape from my uncle's robust hands. Just  when we were about to set him free, there I discovered that the nocturnal animal was still very young, having such feeble wings, and still has no experience in flying.
Having no means of harm, we just let his sharp-clawed feet grab on to that branch of a plant in my aunt's garden. The ever nescient and curious me took the opportunity of getting near him. That was my very first time to have a close-up look and to touch a bat. Its face has a little resemblance on a horse; teeth that are needlelike; and skin covered with ash-colored fur same with what the rat has.
A bit scared but I find him cute. As a pet lover, it is my obligation to give pamper and protection to such animal. Hope his bat parents would see him from the plant where he was been hanged.

My sojourn in Tanjay was fun, yet still incomplete. Actually, my main reason of going there was to see some of my godparents, but I guess fortune got too rough on me for I saw none. Too bad! 
For those who knew what i mean, just keep it yourself!
For those who dont, better not ask!. ;-)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

18 TO GO

Years back then, books never kicked a joule of interest on me until one day a friend of mine encouraged me to read at least one. From then on, I began loving it-- reading through lines, flipping pages to pages. Honestly, one problem I usually encounter in reading novels are the flamboyant words used in it.That's why, I always see to it that I  have a dictionary on hand that would serve as my back-up in times I meet unfamiliar words in a book. Ridiculous isn't it?

Just last year, I started collecting novels of all sorts. Actually, I'm not too particular with authors. For as long as it has an intriguing story and an eye-capturing cover, I would definitely purchase it.

Out of 22 novels I have at home, I only had read 4 of it.

Starting of with Fern Michael's LETHAL JUSTICE, my very first. I quite forgot what the story was all about but two things for sure, its highly imaginative and so entertaining. Fast-paced and jam-packed with action.

Money. Betrayal.Vengeance. That's all it is.

Next on my list is OAKDALE CONFIDENTIAL by an anonymous author, my favorite. A novel on solving the most enrapturing murder case. And as they seek for answers, more intimate secrets from the characters' past life were unveiled leading them to a bizarre sequel of occurrences which they had never anticipated. 
It's indeed scandalous and mind-puzzling. A novel you'll surely gonna like.

Everything on this book was mysterious, from the title and author itself, up to its back cover where I discovered a micro chip or something, sealed  within a paper. I really don't know what it was or how it works but I'm sure the 'thing' was freaky confidential. Weird! ;-0

Let's pause a bit on stories of contemporary settings. Now, I have here a medieval-type love story that weaves history and passion together in a remarkable tapestry.
HIGHLAND PRINCESS, a creation of an award-winning romance historian author, Haywood Smith; and beautifully woven tale that delivers a rich fascinating plot and fine narrative drive. It was so compelling, so  moving, that the characters stick with me for months afterwards. 
Its a story of a courageous princess determined to win back her family castle, who then unexpectedly fell in love with her foe. Rand be inspired of how these two fought in their greatest battle for love.♥
Honor.Pride. Family. Action. Fun. Romance. All in one!

Though not too interested, I was compelled to read this non-fictional book of Darcy O'Brien entitled Murder in Little Egypt, as required on one of my major subjects.
The author did a great job of structuring it for suspense-- fascinating in its terribleness! Written meticulously as bounded by facts from reliable sources, making it the most horrifying true story of family murder of 80's.
The story talks on a father who turned diabolic because of money, alcohol and fame, letting hinself commit a deed worth suffering-- killing his two sons. ;-(

Lately, I started reading SWIMMING TO CATALINA, a marvelous work from such adroit story teller, Stuart Woods. Still on the 11th chapter and hopefully be through reading it this summer.

Happy reading!  
(click on pic to take a glimpse of it)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Toast to a Night Well-wrecked

Was there an instance in your life wherein you felt like being punished because of a wrong doing? Or have you ever sinned? Did you suffer for it? Me, no doubt, I just did!

Tenth of April when I asked my co-staff in the publication to join me in my plan of staying over night at the office. She agreed and said to come in school at no time. Everything was prepared and I, myself, even brought a wine, stored in a plastic bottle, to look as if I was just carrying a bottle of grape juice. I reassured that it was totally secluded because if my parents find out that I'm  bringing such liquor, they will surely yell at me.
There were no other people in the office that night. It was only I and Myrna left in that room, such a perfect time for us to talk and do things privately-- just a girl-to-girl night get-away. We placed the wine first inside the frige because its tastier when cold. Luckily, we found a box of cookies inside the refrigerator, too-- a complete snack for midnight.
As I surfed the net, my phone rang. 'Twas my father, forcing me to go home with an intimidating voice. I just can't leave Myrna alone in the office, neither the wine, the cookies, nor the computer.
                   "NO! I will stay in the office, no matter what!." I strongly uttered.
Father called again and this time he's fetching me up. Myrna and I went to the gate to face papa. When I arrived, I did all sorts of alibis just to get through him. I can't believe I did another mistake, one big sin after the Holy Week-- lying. tsk! tsk!tsk! He departed the school with all anger.
Just when we thought the problem was over, it was followed by another one, a huge one. The office got locked-up and both of us don't have keys. We were empty-handed since we left all our stuffs inside the office, even our IDs which could have been used to unlock the door. When that happened I felt the world being loaded upon me. If only I could call my father back and accept what he was trying to offer but it was too late. I chose to stay and with that, I suffered the consequence of my deed (not telling the truth and disobeying my parents' orders).

Here I'm going to elaborate all the things that we did within an hour just to open that door.
WAY 1. So there we were, looking for tools that could open the door. We saw a hard rolled-up silver wire yet it was no use. Assiduously, we pushed and kicked the door with full force.

WAY 2. With hopes gently fading and head terribly aching, an idea came up to me, that is to climb on to the roof of that extended room below the building. That way, I could reach the jalousie window of our office and remove the parallel glasses one by one in order to get in. So, with all silence I roamed around to look for a ladder. Fortunately, I found one. Though it was quite heavy, Myrna and I carried it manly. We were like thieves sneaking in the middle of the night: too cautious in all our cations, worried that someone may caught us. Without even minding that cameras were all over corners of the campus, watching every single move we take.

WAY 3. The weakling Myrna warned me to cease my plan because she's afraid that we might get reported in the security office of our university from getting directly the ladder and climbing up the roof. We sought help from the security guard on-duty instead. He gave us an ID, one dull soft ID. We tried to use it in unlocking the door but as expected the card was useless because what we really needed was an object that is somewhat thin and hard.

WAY 4. From being exhausted, we became regretful upon experiencing such sanction. I never thought  we could be punished as bitter as that. Instead of complaining, both of us prayed, asking God's forgiveness.
Eventually, my friend Myrna found these two 'glow-in-the dark' objects. I can't figure out if luck has really got into us or God just heard our pleas because those objects unlocked the door, actually. It's a miracle!!
Myrna's first attempt

Open at last
One triumphant dive on bed

♥ An experience worth celebrating...♥
the toast of victory

The lady that made the celebration possible

Lastly, our lucky charms. We could never surpassed the challenge without these two.

Our lucky charms

From then on, it became the sign of our friendship

♥Our few cute moments together before going to sleep..♥

partners in crime

Sleepy-heads.. zzzZZZzz (-_-)

Let me end up this post with a verse I grasp from the internet.

Proverbs 28:13 
"People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy."

Saturday, April 14, 2012


               Me on blush.

After a solemn week of unfeigned sacrifice and repentance, the holy Triduum- Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil has now come to an end. And to celebrate Christ's resurrection, we Christians are expected to do whatever type of recreation we want to have in that one blissful Sunday.

At home, while mom is cooking my favorite spaghetti, simultaneously some batch mates of mine back in high school invited me, through a text message, to join them in a beach outing. Eager to go, I asked permission from my parents and luckily, they granted my wish.

As planned, we were to bring our own food. It wasn't a problem to me since my mother had allowed me to bring a tupperware of that red spaghetti she was  preparing.

Heading towards our destination, we rode to an 'easy-ride,' a utility vehicle payed by an ex-classmate of mine, also the one who made up the idea of having such  gathering. This generous person, by the way, was once been my boyfriend. Physically, he changed-- from lean to a chubbier man. But with all fairness he looks more cute in his appearance.

I felt so awkward inside the vehicle because I was seated next to him. Getting near him was never my plan yet some of my friends insisted.They pushed me towards him, got tripped-off and unintentionally fell on his lap.I do admit that there was still some kinda spark when I felt his body getting nearer but I'm certain that what we had before is all part of history- something that mustn't recur. Were good friends now, actually.

Too much on that, let us now go back to my story. Where was I? Oh yes! Heading to the beach!.There were 17 of us who cheerfully came. We ate and drank a lot, swam here and there, even played like kids. We maximized seashore's wideness and there we played 'shakai,' a popular native game here in our province.

Though I had a sore throat and got few irritations all over my body after swimming into that not-so-clean sea, still I enjoyed every single minute we all shared together.

We've been apart for years and it feels so great to see, even not all, but some of  my friends once more. That fun bonding moment we had was indeed worth reminiscing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Memorable Farewell 'FART'y

Actually, this entry is suppose to be very serious since it talks about goodbyes but I made it hilarious for you not to feel deplorably bad. I intentionally highlight only those funny moments during our 2-day farewell party in Escosas Bar and Resort.
Yes! FARTY! You may be  wondering what FART has to do with this post. So here's the story.

First night at Escosas.
         After a sumptuous dinner, we waited 'til the first customers in the resort finish their party. Eleven in the evening, all was solemn and quiet, just the right time for us to have our own party (or more of like recollection). Unfortunately, we weren't able to make some noise, shout or laugh at loud because one rule in their municipality was to observe silence beyond the hour of 10. Before the graduates could come-out from their rooms, we did picture-taking first with our most gorgeous gowns along with the boys who looked extremely decent with their suits.
Who says chubby ladies aren't cute?

Me together with the new EIC(right) and Assoc Ed(left);
newbies on far left and right

Damsels in distress

Knights in shining .... whatever!

Pub's newly-elected officers

Me with my best of friends
Cinderella in the making

 Actually, we dressed up that way to surprise the graduates but one staff in the publication slipped-off his tongue and spoiled the idea and, so, it was no surprise at all. Yet still, we had to continue on what has been planned.
            Later on, we had our letter reading-- one sincere sharing of thoughts to the graduates. We agreed to give our individual messages through letters so that they could keep something from us. As expected, none of us cried except for one, the youngest amongst us, Crystal Vocal, known as Mommy Crys.
Reading my letters of love

HOttie MOmmy Crys.. Grrr!

Back to my title, the FART thing. Ok! This is it!. 
As we watched video clips made by our EIC, a disturbing smelly exoneration of gas exploded in a very silent midnight. In other words, someone actually farted. Lets just hide the suspect's name in a pseudonym of Arvin Rodriguez. hehehehe (Sorry vin... xD)
Having gas dude?. xD
Not only that, hours passed and some of  our boys looked for places where they could lay down and sleep in. Arvin, on the other hand, found just a perfect a place to have some shut-eye where again he made another noise-- SNORING! Gosh!...
Our gentlemen who took their nap in a special event. How sincere!
Though we were too sleepy because of the lateness of the night (we reached 3-4 a.m. actually), all of us still has the energy to laugh. If only he knew how funny he was at that moment. 

First day in Escosas.
After a sleepless night and a dawn of expressing our heart-felt sentiments, we ate Mommy Crys' home-made Mango Float. We were like kids, falling in line, craving for that scrap of food. 
As sun rises, all of us dived into our beds to rest for awhile. From 7 to 11 I slept. Facing the mirror, there I saw my two weary eyes. Tired and hungry, I looked for food on the other rooms. Luckily, there were still lumpia rolls left from last nights dinner. Since we don't have television in our room, I decided to go to the boy's room. 
Boy's messy quarter in the resort
the dwellers of that messy room

Girl's pretty haven in the resort

There were only few guys left in their room for most of them went to the pool. Here are some photos of them doing funny stunts on water.
Volteeeeees  Five!.
Power Rangers Ninja Turtles!. wataaaaah!

freestyle dive 

Peter Parker, is that u? Spiderman?
oh no! here comes Kung Fu panda! Brace urselves for a huge pool wave


Walk-on-water style

Back-flip  dive style

Is that how frogs dive? Kokaaak!

Suicidal dive. NEVER do this at home or else u will end up
having that facial expression.. xD

New style in diving

Red Tide on Pool
Actually, I never planned on swimming because I had my menstrual flow, third day on the month of April. Surprisingly, it wasn't only I who's in that situation, but there were also 4 other ladies who experience the same thing as I do. Forgive me but I have to name them: Rina, Myrna, Joeylen, and Rolyn (who got home early in the morning).
The four of us who were left, all eager to dive on the clear blue water of the pool. So, despite having a period, we held into our hopes that 'IT' won't flow as we swim and thank goodness it didn't.
We really enjoyed a lot and to prove that, here are few shots of us in the swimming pool.
Its our turn!

Jeff, Myrna, Rina and I

Look at the way she jumps, as if she doesn't have a period!
OOps! ;-X 

My strongest jump on pool

Just like kids! hehe

the four red-tiders! oh yeah!

Cute one

Nice one

Simple one

Funny one

Pretty one

candidates for Bikini Open 

Getting tired-up

Pose a bit with my batch mates in the pub

what drama do we have there on the wall Mr. EIC? 

one joyful picnic by the sea
SERIOUS MODE.... allow me to express my in-depth thoughts to these four graduates for whom the farewell party was dedicated to.

Cameron "Roroy" TaƱara . a student assistant before, later promoted as TN's Circulation ManagerMy Kuya (brother) in the publication and will always be the jolliest kuya I've ever had. He's such a good, funny, hardworking, obedient and thoughtful guy. A gentleman, indeed! I really admire boys like him who do clean, which other guys in the pub don't usually do.

The humor that you'll gonna miss:

Good Boy!

What's that in ur hand kuya Roy? haha

Rina marie "Rin" Rubia. our ever dearest News Editor
If there's one word to describe her that would be perfect. One pretty, sweet, kind, simple, gorgeous, smart, humble, and serene young lady- such an ideal girl to be adored. I am so grateful that i met someone like her- an Ate (sister) who would always stay in my heart.

The voice you'll surely gonna miss:

Rina on a diet!

Rina needs a diet

Crystal "Mommy Crys" Vocal. Senior writer/reporter
If The Norsunian is my second home then she probably be my second mother. She speaks, dresses, acts and thinks mature yet at times shows a quality of being child-at-heart. She knows how to mingle with the other staffs despite her age gap. She's horny and naughty alright, but I look up to her being such a good and responsible mother to her kids. How I wish I could be as confident, tough and independent like her.

The body you will surely gonna miss:

Kenneth "Key" Pael. Editor-in Chief
There are millions of things to describe this man but for me he's one of a kind. Negatively, he's rude, boastful, 
gluttonous, blunt, sarcastic, ungentle, conceited, loquacious, pervert, quite infuriating, etc. On the brighter side, he's humorous, smart, socially refine, self reliable, committed to his work-- a person who never gets tired of anything. He's such a happy-go-lucky man who wears a complete dash of confidence and pride to himself everyday.
Its funny, he actually thinks that I have feelings for him. I don't know if he means that or not but one thing's for sure, he's not my ideal guy. Shame on you!. Yet, still, I love him same way I do with the other staffs.

The face you'll surely gonna miss:
Joker key

Constipated key

Depress key

Insane key

Kid-at-heart key

Mad key

Simply key

Sweet key

Hot key
( he's indeed hot in this picture cuz he actually had a fever
at that moment.. hehehe) 

hunKEY! oh yeah. 

:My Finale: 
Sad to say that you all must bid goodbye to the publication but always put in mind that in every ending comes a new beginning. As the song goes,"....farewell to you my friend. We'll see each other again. Don't cry 'cause its not the end of everything..." Though you will be long gone, the mem'ries left from all four of you will always remain in our heart and in our mind. May you, too, won't forget the family you have once had in the campus, US!

Now as you all part in each other's courses, remember to always put God in the center of your journey. Success awaits and I know, we all know, that you're going to achieve it. 
Farewell and we wish you all the best in life.
We love you and we will truly gonna miss ya all! 

 ♥♥♥~XOXOXO~  ♥♥♥

Hello Kitty!

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