Friday, March 23, 2012

Is this what you call HOME?

For all staffers in 'The Norsunian,' the weekly publication of NORSU, our OFFICE is one perfect place where we can stay all day long. A safe haven for us to do our duties, to chat with the other staffs, to do some research, eat our meals, even to sleep in times we don't wanna go home.

But what happens now to what we call as our second home? An office that is suppose to be comfy, organize and neat now turned out to be one hell of a mess.

For how many times of spending my night in the office, it was during my last sleep over I realized this.

 I grabbed the camera and took some of these dire photos that proves how awful our place was.

1. Indisposed junks

2. Unwashed kitchen utensils

Site the crack? tsk!

 3. Unfixed cabinets

where all our smelly sleeping stuffs are placed

4. Things that aren't properly arranged

left wing of the office

right wing of the office

5. reasons why the office stinks
exposed molded food..terrifying!

shoes that are place on corners of the office.. hehe
PEACE to whoever owns this pair of shoes....

6.  Unconditioned air-conditioner with our never-cleansed curtains that have been hanged for centuries... 

7. Unwipe cubicles and cabinets

See how dusty it is that I can even write my name on it... tsk!

8. terrible cracks on the floor

9. Twisting Freaky wires

disturbing to look at..

Wake up people!! You're not living in a paradise.. More importantly, this isn't your swamp where you can freely mess around; but if the office is indeed a home for you then treat as one. Take heed of it as much as you can for we are the only ones who gain benefit from it.

I just hope that this new administration in the publication will bring change, not only to how the staffs perform their responsibilities, as assigned to them, but  as well as doing their obligation towards cleanliness.

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Noblesse Key said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

I agree with you Jela, but I could not agree more if you will clean those mess instead of just taking pictures.

But I saw you cleaning once, and I hope it will go on!

Sui generis Writer said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

Wahhhh...I have to close my eyes. This is too much. Where is my custom made mop, I need to fix this and... ah oh! This is not my place. Phew! For a minute I had gone berserk.

I absolutely despise untidiness. Personally, I am a very organized person who's most definitely a clean freak. If I was there then both of us could make the place sparkle and of course we wouldn't spare a single person who didn't contribute.

Oh, in my frenzy I forgot to say hi.
Hello Jela! ^◡^
It's a pleasure to meet you in this virtual hub. Your blog is cute. I love those words in the header.
Have a good day! :)

Jela Mae Ruales said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

@Sui generis Writer.. at last! we now exchange thoughts.. hehe...

yah ! these people in the publication are too abusive with our place!
im so sorry u were able to see our horrible office.. i guess bad impressions on what kind of staffs do we have are now buzzing in your mind.. actually, i dont know if i truly am in a special office...
I mean, with all those mess?? unbelievable ryt!!.. but were trying our best to abstain from befouling the office..

LoveSparkz18 said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

OM! you have just exposed our stinky secret! well, well, though i'm part of this publication, i could really say that i have not contributed any mess in the office. you gave me an idea, what fines will be imposed to those caught littering inside our pub? hmmph...

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