Saturday, March 24, 2012

What A Day

I can truly relate to this quote. 
Just read onto my post....

 Roosters just a distant away crowing, "Tok tulaok! Tok tulaok!"
Alarm clock rings terribly, "Kring! Kring!"  
With a resounding voice from my mother saying, "Waaaaake up! Waaake up!!" 
All these are my little struggles in getting-up from my bed. 

 Reaching my cellphone to check whether someone left a message, there I remembered that it was already Saturday, schedule for job-hunting. A friend of mine informed me that one of the radio stations here in our locality are looking for aspiring news announcers and disc jocks. I, myself, really want to grab the opportunity since I would be doing nothing this vacation. That work, as well, would be my stepping stone or simply my training ground for Broadcasting. And so, I said to myself, "Why not give it a try?"

Anguished and nervousness mixed up as soon as we arrived at  DYEM-fm radio station, popularly known in Dumaguete as Energy fm. I was hesitant in coming in or speaking to any of those people inside the station.  I don't know what had gotten into our minds, we were three actually (along with Albert and En-en), that we went there without even bringing resume or any application sheets.

It was really my first time to apply for a job that I was so confused on what to do. We sat on their couch waiting for that old Chinese man known as Sir Elly, the HEAD I guess, to come. At first look, he was kinda austere and serious, but as he proceeded with the interview, there I saw hilarity in him. Later on, my fear of facing him faded so sudden. I felt comfortable already on giving my response to all his queries.

Actually, he demanded to record our voice first, yet after a minute or two, he asked me to read on an English newspaper, and the other one was cebuano. I really gave my very best in pronouncing each word in the paper with my voice modulated. Fortunately, he kinda like the way I spoke. In fact, he recorded my voice on his phone. There I was so flattered with his annotations.  He said that he sees potential in me for I am good in my delivery. "I will train you," he stated. Afterwards, he directly asked for my phone number and so did I. . Just  when I thought his interrogation has ended still he asked a little more-- questions regarding my family life, as well as my educational background. I don't mean to brag but I guess he is truly interested on me.. interested to what I'm capable of, I mean.

My two other companions,though not given much attention, praised and congratulated me for a job well done.

That day I guess was the luckiest ever. My application was satisfactory and here comes people who were goodhearted enough to show their generosity in treating me. I haven't spent too much on that day since two of my friends paid for my fare in going to the radio station and two other friends bought me a snack. WOW!.  I really wish life could be as perfect as this. 

Can't wait to tell mom and dad 'bout these things. For sure they would be so proud of me. 

Its a Long Story..... indeed!

Friends- one simple word which I value the most. Without them, life would be so tedious.
These two ladies whom I consider friends have been with me through sorrow and pain, triumphs and rejoice. To them I share my most concealed secrets, thoughts, feelings and ideas either good or vain. We also carve up the same gigs, trips and jests.
For how many years that we’ve been together, I treated them as my own sisters, hanging out mutually and exchanging laughs and tears at times.
But just when I thought everything was doing perfectly, situation gets topsy-turvy. Our good relationship was replaced with an array of disputes and misunderstandings which I reckoned to be challenges that test how far our friendship will last.

 Here I’m going to elaborate some of our not so good moments together.

                       WAR 1.  Jela & Shen vs. En-en
            It happened on one of the meetings in the publication when we left En-en in the office since Shen and I still have a rehearsal to attend to.
We didn’t know that   En-en and his boyfriend got mad on us for doing such. Since then, I never spoke to her BF because he thinks we cannot be appropriately called En-en’s best friend for we were only taking advantage of her.
But then again, reconciliation comes and  later on everything went back to normal.

                            WAR 2. Jela and En-en vs. Shen
            It was nothing serious. I thought of doing that as a form of joke.
            My plan actually was to pretend as if I was mad with Shen for not bringing any souvenir (pasalubong) for me  after having their seminar-workshop in Bacolod.
            Before Shen could come home, I already talked to En-en, urging him to join my act.We agreed to ignore Shen for a week and yet the ever altruistic girl (En-en) can't avoid but to feel pity on our old friend Shen, and so, she befriend her back.
             Me, the villain, held on to my pride and continued to the drama I started. Until one day, I pondered my deeds to be not so upright already. So, before I could totally lose Shen, I made the first move.
            In the cafeteria, our eyes met and there I gave her my most intimate hug-- realizing, that because of what I did she changed into one quiet and gloomy person, whom she's not.
             Again, after that, we all came back to normal, just the way we were.

                                              WAR 3. Shen vs. En-en
(I am not included in this chaos for I have nothing against the two)

               This maybe was the biggest and most intriguing issue that includes my all other course mates in our level. Imagine, En-en showed resent to all us for she thinks we had intruded their personal life with her boyfriend. 
                We didn't mean to criticize, really. It was a matter of concern and yet she misunderstood the purpose we want to infer. It all started in a text message sent to En-en by one of our batch mates in Mass Communication that eventually turned out to be the cause of an altercation between us and En-en. I won't be elaborating anymore the details of what had just happened for some reasons and if ever I will, its gonna cost lots of pages.
               To make the story short, I talked to En-en regarding that matter we got ourselves into. Shen, on the other hand, was totally despised by her because of what Shen had told En-en about her lover which was kinda painful on En-en's part. Due to that, a gap was made between them .
               Weeks have gone by and it seems hatred had turned into thin air. Though for me, 'twas still unofficial but I guess Shen and En-en are friends again (though they haven't made any serious talk) since I saw them smile at each other.

Our best days together: a seminar workshop participated by us, staffers, in the pub a 'walkathon' along with the other Mass Communication students

..nothin' to do, just sittin'  on one of the benches in our university 

The test of time can never keep us three apart even the most ferocious waves of the sea for we are like:
               Charlie's angels, bold and strong...
               Powerpuff Girls, cute and unbeatable...
Our age may grow old but our friendship will last forever ♥♥♥

Friday, March 23, 2012

Is this what you call HOME?

For all staffers in 'The Norsunian,' the weekly publication of NORSU, our OFFICE is one perfect place where we can stay all day long. A safe haven for us to do our duties, to chat with the other staffs, to do some research, eat our meals, even to sleep in times we don't wanna go home.

But what happens now to what we call as our second home? An office that is suppose to be comfy, organize and neat now turned out to be one hell of a mess.

For how many times of spending my night in the office, it was during my last sleep over I realized this.

 I grabbed the camera and took some of these dire photos that proves how awful our place was.

1. Indisposed junks

2. Unwashed kitchen utensils

Site the crack? tsk!

 3. Unfixed cabinets

where all our smelly sleeping stuffs are placed

4. Things that aren't properly arranged

left wing of the office

right wing of the office

5. reasons why the office stinks
exposed molded food..terrifying!

shoes that are place on corners of the office.. hehe
PEACE to whoever owns this pair of shoes....

6.  Unconditioned air-conditioner with our never-cleansed curtains that have been hanged for centuries... 

7. Unwipe cubicles and cabinets

See how dusty it is that I can even write my name on it... tsk!

8. terrible cracks on the floor

9. Twisting Freaky wires

disturbing to look at..

Wake up people!! You're not living in a paradise.. More importantly, this isn't your swamp where you can freely mess around; but if the office is indeed a home for you then treat as one. Take heed of it as much as you can for we are the only ones who gain benefit from it.

I just hope that this new administration in the publication will bring change, not only to how the staffs perform their responsibilities, as assigned to them, but  as well as doing their obligation towards cleanliness.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time to Enjoy

Two weeks, one day, eight hours have passed since I wrote my last post. Its been awhile and my hands are extremely excited on pressing the keyboard to make views, leave some comments on entries I haven't read on blog.

These past few weeks, I've been very busy with my major subjects down to the minor ones-- doing projects, home works,participating activities and all other stuffs.

To think of making 6 news articles, having a research proposal and doing my critique paper out of a hundred and eighty five-paged thesis was totally depressing. These bothering paper works were in my mind for a couple of days. Good thing I was able to surpass those challenges. Eating meal late and sleeping 4:00 in the morning  for two consecutive days? I say its all worth it.

Second semester of my sophomore year has ended and soon be a senior this next school year. Wow! One year to go and I will be leaving NORSU.

But for now I would mind nothing except what to do this vacation-- go swimming, outing, shopping, eating, visiting, hanging-out, cleaning, job-hunting, everything fun and interesting to do under the heat of the sun. Who knows, I may be always be updating my blog on one of these days.

Oh yeah! Blogging is the new trend. Just last Thursday, I had changed my blogger template. I'm beginning to love black-themed templates. Hope it suits your eye too.

Adios school life, bounjour vacation. Though it won't be that long, still make the most out of it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Perfect Combination

I came into our air-conditioned office empty-capped, with nothing in mind just staring at my silly co-staffers doing their businesses.

Supposedly, I would finish my critique paper and yet some photos in the internet caught my attention causing me to temporarily halt in working my project.

Imagine?? Cats are now into horses and dogs are into hens.... Freaky!!
As the saying goes, "LOVE is blind." Who would ever thought that this would also be applicable to animals.

Below are flabbergasting images of adorable animals showing love and comfort to each other. 

Cat cuddles her head into a horse

Lioness to show maternal affection for a one-day old baby Oryx 

Polar bear hugs and plays with a sled dog

 Orangutan in a South Carolina safari who has taken two 6-week old lion cubs under her wing

Dog's sweet moments to none of his kind

Bird's feather flirting

Monkeys on the move

Other weird amorous animal moments


May real humans be as romantic as these animals do.

Hello Kitty!

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