Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conscience Strikes

I was at the library  seeking possible sources for my assignment in Literature, when a message alert flashed on my phone screen. The text message was from a friend of mine, asking me to search the meaning of 'parallelism.' I, as a considerate person, responded "ok!"

As I stood near the book stand where the Webster Dictionary was placed, unexpectedly, I found a  mini purple wallet with coins in it. Though I don't have money at that time and was craving for food, I fought my evil thoughts of keeping it. I cannot bear to do something unrighteous  especially getting things that aren't mine. That could be considered as thievery.

So, without second thought, I gave it to some student assistants of the library. As I hand it over, I felt so good.

I really do hope that in this generation that we have now, may there still be people, as kind and honest as I am-- willing to return things which aren't their's.

                                            Let conscience be your guide!

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Ryan Adik Nga Lambay said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

Haha. Ang bait bait naman. Diba last week paman ni? Pan-os na ni. Jowk. Good Job Jela.

S. said... Best Blogger Tips♥♥♥ any replies?..Best Blogger Templates

Very true, I hope so too.

/S /
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