Monday, February 20, 2012

LOVE her

Cute. Cuddly. Adorable. Innocent. Pretty. If there’s any other word that could describe my baby sister that would possibly be “PERFECT!” She’s the most perfect gift God has bestowed upon us.

Actually were now three in the family, me as the eldest, next to me is my younger brother  John Steven, studying in grade school.

Until now my mother and I still don’t know what my father had named her since we haven’t taken her birth certificate yet from the hospital.  But as what I've heard, Papa had already decided an appropriate name for her and I loathed it very much—Derecka  Jane.(derived from Dirk Nowitzki’s name, a famous NBA star). If I would be given privilege to choose, mine would be ‘Cheska Dirkdrey,more unique, elegant and cute.

However, the final decision lies in the hands of my parents. No choice…

Our little angel just turned one month old last February 12.  Within those days of her stay in the house, I saw lots of changes from her. She grew bigger, much cuter than before. Her face was so adorable that I can’t resist myself to pinch those pinky cheeks of hers.

Her smile wipes all my worries, troubles and mishaps in life. Her eyes were so pure and genuine that I can’t seem to harm her. I even feel guilty now with what I did before when she was still inside my mother’s womb.

 Honestly, at first when I knew that mama was pregnant, one thing that directly gotten into my mind is having another rival for my parent’s affection and attention ..(So childish isn’t it??_) I didn’t spoke with my parents and ignored them for how many days because it was really hard for me to accept the fact that there would be another burden in the family.  

Now, I regret those days that I uttered bad words against my sister. I swear to love her with all my heart and would never do anything that could harm or displease her.
        ♥♥♥…I love you BABY… ♥♥♥

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conscience Strikes

I was at the library  seeking possible sources for my assignment in Literature, when a message alert flashed on my phone screen. The text message was from a friend of mine, asking me to search the meaning of 'parallelism.' I, as a considerate person, responded "ok!"

As I stood near the book stand where the Webster Dictionary was placed, unexpectedly, I found a  mini purple wallet with coins in it. Though I don't have money at that time and was craving for food, I fought my evil thoughts of keeping it. I cannot bear to do something unrighteous  especially getting things that aren't mine. That could be considered as thievery.

So, without second thought, I gave it to some student assistants of the library. As I hand it over, I felt so good.

I really do hope that in this generation that we have now, may there still be people, as kind and honest as I am-- willing to return things which aren't their's.

                                            Let conscience be your guide!

Press Power


Bravo!” – all I ever could utter after witnessing the spectacular performance executed by professional artists of Philippine StagersFoundation (PSF), staging a Filipino musical  theater, “Cory ng Edsa.”
Honestly, I never planned to watch the play at that night (January 18) for I still have lessons in need to be reviewed for be next day’s examination. But since I was tasked to cover that event, left with no choice, I stayed and waited until the show would end.

Getting the Philstagers’ statement was exigent for me. It took me an hour before I could really interview the performers because when I was heading towards the backstage, we were barred by some of the crews, telling us to wait outside. Since patience has always been one of my virtues, waiting is never an issue to me.
So there I was, assiduously standing on the left wing of Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural complex, waiting for possible opportunities. 

Cindy Maree Liper 

Luckily, I saw the one depicting Cory, going to the Convention Center, where they temporarily stay after their performances.Cindy Maree Liper is her name, a graduate of Adamson University with the degree of Mass Communication. She speaked to me as if we knew each other that’s why I was comfortable in interviewing her. I adore her for being so affable, demure and pretty.

Because of her, I was able to enter the Convention Center with no hassle, which gave me later on the edge to talk with their director and playwright, Attorney Vincent M. Tañada.

                                               Vincent Tañada

Tañada, at first look, would never be considered a person of great reputation with that punk-type hairstyle of his and all the tattoos on some parts of his body. However, as I began with the interview, there I realized, he was truly a man worth of admiration.

I idolized him for his excellent achievements. He had received recognitions from the Aliw Awards such as Best Director and Best Musicale on their play “ako si Ninoy,” the prequel of ‘Cory ng edsa.’ Not only that, he also got the ‘Best Actor’ award in the on their other play ‘O moises” (2007).

Aside from singing and acting on stage, he as well gives much attention to his obligation as an attorney. The line up politicians and lawyers in their family influenced him to pursue such profession.
I was startled on the way he spoke, so direct, apt and English literate. How I wish I could be as proficient, competent and talented as he is.

That experience was so memorable to me. It was my first time to watch a live musical play and to make a news article out of it.  Though I was kinda intimidated with Tañada austere looks, at some point, I am completely fulfilled and overwhelmed with what I did, interviewing people of great fame and covering an off campus event such as the ‘Cory ng Edsa’—one splendid musicale implying its awe-inspiring message: “to live a life of sacrifice.” 

(Cindy as Cory & Vince as Peter)

**Me interviewing him**

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