Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year has come at Last

                                           Au revoir 2011!!!......
                Bienvenue   to 2012, “Year of the Water Dragon” !!!...

                                Many are daunted at this very moment because 2012 is predicted to be the year of our doom. Well, I don’t give too much attention to such hearsay; instead I am even more thankful that God had still given me another year to live on. Besides, that is what ‘New Year’ is all about—new interests, new friends, new perceptions, and new life. Since everything should be renewed, then I should probably make lists of the do’s and don’ts in order to achieve total nuance for myself.
Here is my line-up of resolutions for this year 2012:

·         Swear to reduce my rice intake
·         Go for balance dieting!
·         Achieve the waistline of 27”
·         Try hard to control my temper
·         Never speak to my parents bluntly
·         Control myself from spending too much
·         Avoid from saying lies
·         Improve my vocabulary
·         Before the year ends, I should finish reading all 22 novels that I have
·         Develop good study habits
·         Remain humorous
·         Studies first before everything else (including crushers & admirers.. hahaha)
·         Be seldom in sending group messages (YES! I’m known for that.)
·         Learn photo shopping
·         Avoid being rude to others
·         LESS TALK; MORE WORK!!

However if it’s really true that the world meets its end on 12/21/12 then maybe I should make the most out of 12/20/12. I would definitely do things which I haven’t experienced ever.
Let’s start off with the good ones:
·         Sleep in an elegant hotel/inn
·         Ride in an airplane even for just 5-6 hours
·         Dive in the deepest sea
·         Feed all cats and dogs, even the stray ones. Weird isn’t it?? (I just love pets, that’s all!)
·         Drive world’s most luxurious cars
Now the Bad ones:
·         Rob a bank
·         Get all delicious foods, fruits, chocolates, cakes, and ice creams and cheese on grocery stores.. Eat veraciously since it’s the end of the world.
·         Steal classy jewels and dresses from a boutique
·         Kiss and hug all my CRUSHES!!! ^_^
·         Intoxicate myself (want to get drunk because I have never done that before!)
·         Dare to eat all foods that I hated the most, and these are: okra, chico, chili, and peanut butter

After doing such, I would finally go to church, kneel and ask God’s forgiveness--  of course, repent should always comes first.
Hope you enjoy today’s sharing. If you have comments or you just wanna share some of the things you eagerly want to do too, then you’re free to do so.
Leave your messages below.. Tnx !!

Monday, January 9, 2012

What Christmas is All About

  This is my first post for the year 2012 and I want to start it by reminiscing all those remarkable experiences I had last Christmas.
                                                          (me on the center)

 Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, 21st of December, the ever enthusiastic staffs of the NORSUnian publication geared up, along with their goose bumping voices for the caroling and small packs of goods to be given to families who were direly affected by the extreme typhoon “Sendong”.


 We chose to go in Tabuc-tubig, Dumaguete City as our location of distribution. One of the chapels there served as an evacuation center for the homeless. There, we gave snacks to some of the residents, mostly to kids. 

As we gave the goods, I saw eagerness in each dweller’s eye on having one. Yet, it kinda pinched my heart to see that not all of them were accumulated with what we brought since we only have 50 packs, disseminated only to 50 families.
I was teary-eyed when we handed over a pack of goods and a few clothes to our co-reporter in the publication, Shana, whose house erected on the river side all wiped out during Sendong’s dreadful attack—nothing’s left. I felt so grateful not having the same misfortune as what they had.


This video proves how fun and heart-warming it is to share what we have and show our long concealed talents in singing (hehehe!). We, supposed to be the ones asking for something ( “aguinaldos”) , suddenly turned out to be the Santa Clause of that caroling.

But what’s the most lovable part in that walk?? Of course, the ‘EATING’ session. We had our dinner at Neva’s Pizza. I so like their finger-licking pizzas and mouth-watering spaghetti filled with their tasty sauce.
It’s past 6 pm, everyone still savoring the food in each plate, burping from time to time.

**that's me!! () **

 I really thought it all ends there (sitting satisfied with the meal), but I was wrong. We continued the journey and went to our last stopover, in Rizal Boulevard. There, we gathered kids of varied ages. Though I despise cuddling with little ones, somehow I enjoyed the experience being with them, seeing big smiles embarked in their innocent faces.



The outreach program had let me feel the true essence of Christmas—that is giving. Though we don’t have much money to spare for all the destitute, we may have at least extended our genuine compassion, assistance and love to some by sharing them what we have in the best way that we could offer.

From that experience, I pondered that if you receive something, you usually get a hundred percent happiness; but the truth is, that percentage of joy that you feel is double the happiness of the person who gives or shares. There is nothing more special and precious than to see them smile through our own simple gifts.

It doesn't matter if you give a thing that isn’t that extravagant; for as long as it comes from your  heart and own will, it already means a lot.

     I am very glad and overwhelmed that before the year had ended, I had at least did something noble and worthwhile to others.

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