Monday, December 17, 2012

me on canvass

It may be too late for me to have this posted on blog but I would still love to share this with you.

A long time ago… Just kidding! ;-)

Well anyway, the story goes this way. I was having a writer’s block one time on a hot sunny morning of October (see? It is indeed a long time ago) and did nothing but to visit from site to site only. Until such time an interesting blog post appeared on the computer screen. A blogger made a portrait of another blogger named Lua. Later on, I got so compelled with what she wrote under, "Also, if you want me to draw a picture of you feel free to let me know by email:  . 

Without second thought, I emailed her the next day. Three to four days had passed before Betsy (the owner of the blog) responded. I was glad since she accepted my request on a positive retort. Excited as I was, I send her some of my photos as samples. 

I waited for days. Weeks and so... It actually came to me that maybe Betsy had forgotten the drawing which I have been asking from her. Yet I remained at ease with the said agreement of ours. Until one day I received another message from her...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! The long wait has come to an end, at last!

I visited her blog and was surprised to see these...

Though not too close with my actual appearance (actually I am quite fat in person) but I can still say that those illustrations are indeed worth praising. Even I, myself, can never do that for I am unskilled in terms of painting or drawing. 

 It is remarkable my beautiful blogger friend, Betsy ♥ 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Step UP

meet HIM.
Just this morning, I discovered something... ow not something... but rather a someone whom I met as I surfed on youtube. He was Bryan Tanaka , one of the best dance instructors on Hollywood. he is cool , appealing and most of all very talented.

An actor, creative director, model, choreographer and lead dancer for the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and other prominent artists.

Watch and be amazed... 

In an interview

meet HER.
Who said hip hop, break-dancing, jerking and all are only for guys? Today I just met world's most hottest cutie on dancing industry. (hey! this doesn't mean I am already shifting genders.. ow ! Yuck! Never thought of that, actually!) Is there anything wrong with admiring girls, same sex with mine, whose talents are extremely amazing?  

Well, so much for that. Let me introduce you to my pretty girl friend. Everyone's apple of the eye. My INSPIRATION. My IDOL. The lady star of the dance floor--- Olivia Irene Gonzalez, popularly known as Chachi Gonzalez.

Alluring and awesome. That's Chachi. Born January 23, 1996. An American dancer, choreographer and occasional actress. She is a member of the dance crew I.aM.mE, which won the sixth season of America's Best Dance Crew in 2011.

She is so stunning every time she takes the floor. Her cool moves, crazy projections and jaw-dropping gazes makes every beat sound so perfect. How I wish I could be a 'Chachi' once in awhile... Just for ONCE...

Watch and be amazed ;-)

Who say

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life on Sand

Just this morning, I happened to view these amazing videos on youtube. It was clips of such proficient sand artist Kseniya Simonova. She was just an ordinary contestant before on one of Ukraine's most popular shows, Ukraine Got Talent. There she shown her astounding skill in sand animation.

She drew a series of pictures on an illuminated sand table showing how ordinary people were affected by the German invasion during World War II.The images, projected onto a large screen, moved many in the audience to tears, including the judges of such contest, and she won the top prize of about £75,000.

Not only that, she became more famous as she continuous exposing her incredible talent and jaw-dropping master piece on public. She uses her art to inspire people, educate some by the history each sand art she creates, and help those who are in need.

Let your eyes be amazed and let your hearts be moved as each video clips play.

Only in a Donetsk region about 320 children with congenital heart disease are born annually. About 40% of them are critical, so they will die during first month or first year of life without treatment. 

A gift for all Nothern folks. A sand tale based on the Norvegian Epos. Simonova says:"All connected with North was always breathtaking for me. Since childhood I dreamed of being inside that cold Magic..." And now I did it!"

This shows how important life beside the people whom you love.

On 5th and 6th of January in Bangkok (Thailand) Kseniya Simonova presented a sand story about His Majesty The King of Thailand Rama IX. Devoted to his 84th anniversary, the sand story created by Simonova told about the great inventions of the King conserning the Environment, about His love of his people and of His country.

"This is a new story - from the big show about WWII, as well as the famous " Requiem ."

This is a real story of a tiny boy aged less than two.His name is Jdan who suffers with leukemia. This was intentionally made by Simonova to ask any type of support for the poor child.

This is a story of a tiny girl from Ukraine called Elana who is now only six. She is suffering with cancer. But being so young, she had to suffer more than an adult can receive. "And she still has a great will to live.Such a sentimental story but it could end happily with your help"-- simonova.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Such Beauty


It was so surprising to know that you’ve been given consecutive awards on blog. Honestly, I never anticipated this to happen. I thank Anna a lot for tagging me.
In response to her offer:

1. Thank the wonderful person who awarded you!
2. You have to write seven things about yourself
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers

Seven facts about me:

1. I was born last December 31, 1993, somewhere in the Philippines ;-)

2. I love listening to slow rock, mostly songs of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.

3. I love the smell of garlic and onion fried in a pan. ;-)

4. I do not befriend conceited and egoistic people! :-?

5. I love to read novels with stories on crime investigations, murder, suspense, thrill and solving mysteries.

6. I can easily lose my temper and gets pissed off oftentimes :-]

7. I love myself but I adore GOD more than anything. (^_^)

I nominate these following bloggers since they have been dear to me (✿◠‿◠) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Break

I was so busy today assisting my all other group mates in organizing our video clips for the short film we ought to make. It is one of our school projects.

We did nothing except to edit, edit, EDIT and EDIT, all day long. We decided to spend our night in our office in order to finalize the things in need to be done since we have a deadline to beat.

However, despite this strenuous night of facing the computer, I was still able to open my account on facebook and luckily had a glimpse on this new Hollywood movie craze, a dance musical drama entitled "Battle of the Year." This offers you much more of the hottie Josh Holloway, but there's a tradeoff: Your love of handsome bad boys may extend to his cast member, the coolest among all other RNB singers, Chris Brown.

Holloway plays a retired basketball coach who's convinced to head up a U.S. breakdancing crew in a bid for the world championships, and his motley crew of recruits includes Brown, who throws punches, tussles with Holloway, and jogs dramatically in slow motion. These and and all of the movie's most-awaited scenes.


The film does feature electrifying dance performances and astonishing displays of power and grace, showing how a street dance from New York has evolved into an inspiring art form for a new generation around the world.

As they quote it, 'You can’t believe in the dream until you believe in each other.'

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Fun in Mass media

It was early in the morning when I, along with my junior mass communicator friends, joined a forum on innovations as initiated by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) with the cooperation of all other government agencies over Negros Oriental. This is to help the province rise from issues regarding the fall of economic income, development on agriculture, innovations on technology, etc..

The event was held last July 19 at Bethel Guest House.

just a simple smile from these future journalists

Me, AS IF writing something.. hahaha

the only food given to us .. Arghh!

The whole session was just a pure discussion of things that were too unfamiliar for us. And to relieve our exhausted minds, we went out from the hotel with haste and glared at the wonderful view by the sea. Then took these few photos.

me with people behind who were digging on shallow holes just to look for little shells

Without cowardice, the young boy dared to hold a sea urchin


That day was indeed full of fun and learning. ♥

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scrolling all comments I had on my last post, there I found out that I was tagged by @britishmystery . Thank you so much girl for the surprise. Now its my turn to share this lovely award.


Ok here are the RULES:

- If you’re tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself

-Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you and make 11 questions for the people you’re going to tag.

-Tag 11 more bloggers.

-Tell the people you tagged that you did.

-No tagging back.

-The person you tag must have less than 200 followers.


1. I have XX chromosomes

2. I am a Filipina

3. I am 15 years young….. (3 years ago)

4. I’m totally single.

5. I was never been in love….. just now ;-)

6. I am fond of eating street food

7. Reading novels and posts on blog is my habit

8. No talent in drawing

9. I have a very good voice (that’s what my parents told me)

10. I have a ranidaphobia.

11. I laugh most of time for no reason… hehehehehe xD

Answers to her question:
If you were stuck in a desert Island and could only bring ONE book to take with you (to read over and over again!), which would that be?
- I would rather choose the book “HIGHLAND PRINCESS” by Haywood Smith. The story is inspiring, noteworthy and magnificently plotted. I would never get tired of reading it all over again.

What is the one thing everybody does but you cannot stand?-When my friends talk about sex... Though I'm no longer in an age that I still have to act immature unto such matter. Its just that I feel awkward every time those types of topics, so controversial and censored, are being raised. What I usually do is to keep my mouth shut all throughout the conversation.

If you had to be a character in a book and live their life, who would that be?
- I wanted to be miss Bella Swan on TWILIGHT novel series whose life being altered as she meets the man of her dreams. I truly like the strong personality she bears in such enactment. I want to feel the love of an immortal being.

What is the worst accident you have been in?
-That moment when I was still a kid and got hospitalized due to that one incident. We were playing tag with my friends then I accidentally got tripped. My head bumped into a wall which had nails in it. I was badly hurt, and was bleeding. Good thing it wasn't that severe.

If you had to cast the characters of your favorite (or any book) who would you cast?
- I don't really know. I apologize for not answering this question.

If you had to wear the same color for the rest of your life, which would it be?
-I would rather wear the WHITE ones, as simple as that. When I'm in white, I feel so clean and fresh.

What is your favorite TV show?
-National Geographic; Discovery Channel; Animal Planet; CSI; and all other cartoon networks.

What is your favorite movie based on a novel?
-The book of Nicholas Sparks entitled "A WALK TO REMEMBER," so sentimental. A story that touches each other's heart. I was teary-eyed in watching the movie version.

If you could meet any author, who would you choose?
-I don't have any idea of whom shall I talk to.. ;-) I ain't that particular with authors, actually.

If you could be anyone and live their life for the day, who would you be?
-I want to be Selena Gomez; someone who is loved by many and to by one--Justin Bieber ;-)

If you were the priminister/president, what law would you inforce or charge?
- If I'm going to be country's president, I will implement a law prohibiting the usage of smoke-belching vehicles. Instead, use bicycles and invent utility vehicles that do not exhaust smoke. This is to minimize pollution. I am a nature lover and a nature preserver..

Here are my questions:
1. What makes your blog special?

2. What's your main purpose of creating a blog?

3. What is your greatest fear in life?

4. What makes you happy?

5. What annoys you most?

6. Whom do you prefer, one brainless person who is beautiful/handsome, or an intelligent one who's unattractive? Why?

7. Have you ever read any book wherein you could relate into it?

8. If you're going to be an author of a book or a director of a movie, what will be its story?

9. If you're an illness, what could you possibly be? and WHY?

10.If you're only given until tomorrow to live, how will you spend it? What will you do with your last hours in this world?

11.I know this is silly but allow me to ask this,, How often do you fart in a day?

♥♥ The bloggers I'm going to tag:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Power of Sorry

18 days, 9 hours had passed since I last posted on blog. I've been totally lost for quite sometime in the blogosphere. I've been busy all day searching for news articles for the publication and for my major subjects. I so miss posting, leaving comments and blog-hopping. I do hope you missed me, too. LOL xD

Well lets just continue anyway. These past few days, I have been crippled with all deceitful rumors spreading around, about me having a flirty affair with someone. Which is a hundred percent LIE! I really hate people who smile at me only when I face them, but talk erroneous words behind my back. The worst part is, she was my friend. It's indeed day-wrecking. When we meet, seeing her face and hearing her voice just get into my nerves for no reasons. I can truly be good but can be dreadfully mad when I get really pissed off.

Then followed with text messages from a guy, my friend actually, purely mocking me on phone. Calling me degrading names, as if we aren't friends. At first, I thought it was some sort of like a bluff. But then he kept on telling me words which hurt me a lot.

I ignored him for days. Until such time somebody approached us both and asked us to reconcile. There I knew, I did a mistake too. I did something wrong to my friend that upset him, making him act like that. Somehow I realized it was my bad. I've messed up with some of the stuffs he privately keep. If I should've known it earlier, then maybe we could have done something about that; and not letting the damage gone worst.

Yet they all made an apology, whether sincere or not. Who am I not to forgive them. They are my friends and I never bear grudge unto people who once been dear to me.

Actually, we're in good terms right now. And I'm hoping for the best of my friends to be in this state forever-- no pains, no conflicts. avoid rivalry as much as possible...


I was inspired with this line of Joshua Loth Liebman,    "We achieve inner health only through forgiveness-- the forgiveness not only for others but also for ourselves."

Monday, June 11, 2012

Can This be Love (Probably Not!) PART II

We just met few days ago. He was a freshman, while I'm a senior. I may have not know him that well, yet I kinda like him for some reasons. First off, he's cute, natty, humorous and waggish.  He's not just that. Drawing is his passion. He has a lot of comics, illustrations and sketches at home, all his creations. His poetry isn't that bad, too. In fact, he introduced me to some highfalutin words of his. Another thing interesting about him is his ability to speak in different accents, American, British, Australian, Japanese, etc.

All in all, he's my ideal man.

This guy actually was the same person whom I just shared to you on my last post. The one who just made my day complete.

Last week I received something from him. My heart pounded as to when he handed it over personally. His present was a book entitled "Blast From the Past"  by Ben Elton. He made an encryption of his name on it. So cute ;-)

I haven't started reading the book yet. Probably as soon as I am not that busy with school works.

Love to see my collection of books snowballing in number. I would surely take heed of them, especially that one given by someone who's very dear to me--HIM.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Can this be love? (Probably NOT!)

Its been awhile since my last post.  I've been busy..... at home and in school.

Adios vacation! Aloha calvary! Another set of sacrifices and sufferings be devoured now that school days had come at last. How quick time moves. It was like I enrolled myself in that university as a freshman just few days ago; now, am a junior Mass Communication student already. I never thought I could reach this far.

First day of class yet I haven't felt, seen or encountered anything unusual today, except for cute/good-looking/mouth-watering guys I met today.. (I really had to iclude that. hahahah). Unlike before, I got so anxious on facing new people, adapting a new environment and grabbing new challenges in college. This very day, everything seems so ordinary-- no joy, excitement, nor surprise embraced me.

However, seeing my course mates and co-workers in the publication made my day a little bit pleasing. Some altered few styles on their hair and attire, which I found odd, others did not. I acquainted people of different races and personality. Mingled with them for a short while then went back to our office to finish some paper works-- news articles. I wrote my draft, searched additional information from the web, then have it encoded.  Sat in front of the computer monitor, face frowned with sweat all over me. I hate it! HATE! HATE! The air conditioner in our office isn't functioning anymore. Since I can't go elsewhere, I don't have any choice but to stay in that damn hot room.

Had my lunch when the clock hit the hour of 12. Then, went to blogging afterwards. Even on the internet, I haven't seen anything that arouses my interests. Until ...........

I only have 4 subjects for today. Unfortunately I still have to wait until  7 pm for it to end. Just this afternoon, about 4 pm,  I headed towards the ladies' room when suddenly an amorous voice called my name. It was HIM! The one and only guy whom I waited the whole day to appear. I never anticipated that to happen. He was there, standing, smiling, staring at me. I'm all lose of words. I didn't know what to say, instead, I just responded hello. He asked me of a room he didn't know, I answered back. The next thing he said was, "Would you mind if we could walk around for a minute?"  Such an offer I couldn't refuse.Those words blew me off. I felt like an ice cube gently melting.

I enjoyed those few seconds we shared of promenading and chatting. His presence took my boredom and replaced it with thrill and fun. I really don't want that moment to end yet it has to.

I'm excited for the next few days I will be spending in school, especially that now I have my new inspiration. I know things might go bad and tough-- more sleepless nights, stressful home works and heart-pounding remarks from my instructors, yet I stand firm and strong. With HIM as my back-up, everything will come in handy for me.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pose for Once

I'm all blank today, really. My mind isn't working. My tummy's grumbling in hunger. My whole body's aching for going out last night.  But for the sake of having something to post on blog, I tried to think and look for any that is worth blogging. Luckily, I found something interesting--- few pictures of mine during  my little sister's baptismal.

Some of my co-staffs in the publication told me about this site where one could edit pictures appealingly . I tried it and made few enhancements on my own photos. Let me share to you...

I may not be too good in fashion but at least I know how to pose. LoL!

a pose of randomness....

*Naughty pose*

*Cute pose*

*Elegant pose*

Few shots with friends...

So you think I'm the only one whose photogenic at all, and dressed up so well at that time. I guess my sister inherited my capture-captivating face too. LoL! 
...isn't she adorable...

That's it for today fellas. 
Have a blessed Sunday ;-)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My very first sneak peek Saturday ♥

Here's another meme (that's how they call it) on blog, still the same with the Follow Friday I last posted.

What I have for you today is what other bloggers refer to as SNEAK PEEK SATURDAY hosted by The Girl who reads yah

In here, you just have to grab your current read and share 1-2 sentences from a random (or not) page with us and along with the title and author. This will give us an interesting sneak peek into whatever book you are currently reading.

"Alex gaxed in awed silenced at a brilliant sunset. March had come in like a lion and quickly settled down..." (read this online), The Darkest Hour by Linda Louise Rigsbee.

~~ What's yours? Feel free to share ~~

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Suppose to be on FRIDAY

Follow Friday

Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly social blog hop between book bloggers. There are two regular hosts: Parajunkee and Alison of Alison Can Read, and two special guests every week. If you want to join in, then click on either of their blogs to get the details. The question for this week is...

Q: Summer break is upon us! What would be the perfect vacation spot for you to catch up on your reading and relax?

I know this is too late for me to answer this question, still I will, for the sake of those whom I visited and  promised to provide them with my backcap. So here it is...
Actually, I haven't felt like I've been through a summer break. I got so busy, had lots of appointments to attend to and had not given myself a daybreak. I made some out-of-towns though, yet it wasn't really that enough.  Enrollment is fast approaching. Sooner or later I will be back in school-- scribbling notes, doing my homework, making projects, and all other musts of a student. 
With my few days left, I would probably go to the beach. Swim on the cool blue water and relax a bit under the sun. If I may, let it be on a white sand beach. Staring the whole ocean with air gently touching ur skin,, that's totally relaxing.

Aside from that, to go somewhere in the mountain is far more complacent. In there, one would achieve the greatest placidity he/she ever wanted. All there is to hear are the humming of birds, wooshing of air and rustling sounds of leaves. Just a perfect place for book reading. For me to understand completely my novel's story, I really have to stay in a solemn place, free  from noise or any disturbance.

Next option will be... ahmmmmm. Lets see. I prefer staying at home. Just lay down in bed and open  that book i love to read. That's more I like it. I can do things all by myself, peacefully and privately. 

You have to try this. Read. Write. Blog. Interact.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here Comes the Pain

Brock Lesnar's unanticipated come back, from being a UFC fighter, was totally daunting for John Cena who ws already been the face of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). To retreat was never an option to this big fella. In fact, Lesnar uttered, "I am not a superstar. I'm a real ass kicker and I will bring the pain to John Cena."

That line of his marked and stucked to people's mind leading to a fight everyone longed for. From that, WWE comes anew as they go EXTREME RULES. This show differs a lot from the usual WWE Smackdown, WWE Raw, WWE Superstars, WWE NXT and Wrestlemania for in EXTREME RULES there are no limitations, no prohibitions, no restrictions. This is where you'll witness what a real fight is all about without the involvement of any rule or something. 

 The feud between the two began on one of their face-off in WWE Raw. Watch this...

It has been the talk of the town, in different sites and even through phones.

It took a couple of pairs who fought first before the main event; it was worth the wait. The crowd had gone wild as these two of world's most formidable wrestlers, John Cena and Brock Lesnar, took the arena. 

My bet really was Cena but I almost fell off from my seat, when I saw him beaten up so badly. I don't know if I'm going to be entertained or be horrified with what I saw because Cena looked really pathetic that night. Actually, he is rarely seen manhandled and dominated like that. View the whole fight...

We all know stunts in wrestling are half-lies. They don't really get themselves hurt, but what I've seen in that match-up was truly realistic.  There were all these smashing, kicking, slamming and punching. Blood were flowing, even  Cena's left arm got dislocated.Despite that, Lesnar was forfeited in the end. 

Cena, at last regained his name, honor, pride and title after his defeat with Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson in Wrestlemania 28.

None of WWE's match-ups is as punishing, vicious and cruel as I witnessed that night. GO CENA! rise above hate!

Now you knew my little interest in wrestling, let me show to you some of my idols in the wrestle world. They aren't only tough, but good-looking as well.  Let me show to you what I'm talking about.

Friday, May 11, 2012

 I really had a good time on twitter today. From 27 followers, guess what, I garnered 67. Enjoying bits of tweets I receive from tweeterheads, my attention suddenly caught this people who, I guess, are having some sort of quarrel on their own. I, being so ______ (whatever u call it), intervened and tweeted, only to find out that what I did spiced up the feud. They got so pissed off then started firing awful words on me, had some crash-talking and called me names already..

People involved:

First I said@cutyjelix143 _hi there ! care to follow back?

@CudddyGustas _ Kiss me butt shit !don't ask me to follow you back ! 

Me_whats cracking?
@ASHLEYGONZALEZ_ whats cracking?” sit on my bf's face and flex your cheeks.

Me_seems like u three are into something @ASHLEYGONZALEZ @CuddlyGustas @bri_garcia.

@ASHLEYGONZALEZ_ whose this gurl creeping out?
ME_ur worst nightmire!

Ashley's boyfriend @Cudddy named me with *@#$%)+@#$%!^..... Grrr!. 
I rebutted as well, back-firing him with my words of toot... toot.. Censored! xD
Then the defensive bf of Ashley blocked me. Duh!. As if I care. 

@ASHLEYGONZALEZ_How about you leave us alone? 
ME_bitch! Whatever you fucking lossers!. Chow! ;-)

Now, tell me, have I done something wrong?Well! I guess, maybe. Intruding other people's conversation? My bad! Yet I never had any remorse for I'm just embracing this new environment on twitter, thats all. 

Don't know that twitter could be as interesting as this one. LOL to the max xD

For those who want to get into my world, follow me here(@cutyjelix143)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Whole New Me..Soon

Leaner. Slimmer. Sexier. That would probably be what I'm going to look like in the near future; or must I say far future ;-( 
Before, many would say I look normal with my appearance. Now, its the other way around. I can't fight the feeling of insecurity every time I meet girls or see models on TV with body having such perfect curves. 

As new year arrives, it has always been my habit to make a set of resolutions, the does and don'ts in need to be followed. I even placed mine for this year on blog. Number one on my list is to have a healthy lifestyle-- do exercise and eat proper diet. But that I guess only remained in words, never done in deed. No matter how I desire to slim down, food gets even tempting. 

Voracity isn't good to be practiced but its just one thing I can't resist off especially when I'm surrounded by mouth-watering food. Honestly, I can dare to eat 2 plates of rice a meal when in fact teenagers, such as I am should only consume 6 cups of it per day.  Well, it depends on the viand of course. 

These days, I often eat instant noodles, particularly the chicken-flavored ones. Too much carbohydrates and calories? I know right! I, as well, am addicted to sweets. When we do shakes at home, I always get scolded by my mother  for adding too much sugar and milk. Can they blame me if that suits my taste buds?

Actually, I weighed 44 kgs two years ago. Now I gained 4 kilograms-- quite huge number for me. My waistline, on the other hand, reached up to 29.5" from my regular size of 28". Lots of people, including my mom, would say that I'm getting bigger every now and then. If only I could miss any of these meals: breakfast, lunch or dinner, I just can't. I tried not to eat once yet it caused me such worse complication--ULCER. I'd rather eat a lot than starve to death. *big grin*

From those measurements I've mentioned simply mean its about time for me to take some nuance on my food consumption. I must put an end to huge intake of rice and all other food of too much sugar, salt and fat.

I show no control in eating and my diet isn't balance anymore which, I know, would bring no good to me. 

To slim down is all I ever wanted and in order to obtain such, I really have to sacrifice and exert an effort to it. The question is, where will I start? More importantly, HOW? It might be hard at first, but I'll sure try to get accustomed to it-- to take what is enough. Then lets see what would happen next.

Hope to attain these soon:
           Waistline - 27"
            Weight-    42 kgs

Monday, May 7, 2012

Started so bad; Ended so well

Occurrences I encountered these past few days brought both heartache and joy. 
Last week, our house was filled with anger and chagrin due to a fight mother and I created. There were no violence involved though, just pure exchanging of words. Happened not just once, twice. Started with me, being blamed and rebuked by my mother with the puny mistake I committed. Her blunt words got into my nerves that I can't hold on to it any longer, so, uncontrollably I spoke to her back. I know what I did was such an improper thing a daughter could do unto her mother. But at that moment, I spoke politely and calmly in front of her as much as I can. I don't think it was too rude to be just reasoning out and expressing what I feel on something. That way, I thought, things could go even better but I was wrong. A mother's a mother. She gets superiority in the family, so, I ought to give her all respect she deserves. 

Been there. Done that. End it. Move on. Better do it no more to avoid misunderstandings, clashes and further disputes. Trying to make it up to her, I remained taciturn, performed all chores at home without complains and smiled at my mother from time to time even if she kept on ignoring me. I never gave up and I was never disappointed, for my efforts and tears were paid off in the end. I was teary-eyed and totally overwhelmed when mother started talking. Now , were doing fine. Eventually, everything just went back to normal. 

The level of happiness elevated as to when weekends came. We went out  last Saturday night with the whole family.We ate a lot for dinner, and when I say a lot, I mean really copious. It was so fun to promenade around the city, with air's coll breeze. Sat for awhile in the park to watch an amateur singing contest, then drank a bit and eat AGAIN!. We got home at nearly eleven with doughnuts in our hands-- never get satisfied. hahaha

On Sunday, we went out again and shop through malls. Bought this and that. I even got a new pair of sandals from that walk-in, all of us did. My younger sister's attire for baptismal and some other baby stuffs were prioritized, too. We got home with shopping bag in our hands. 

That's what family day is all about-- making the most out of the time you have together. Its not only the getaway which made me happy, but also seeing my mother smile after days of frowning. Despite all we've been through, the week still ended blithely and positively. Hope things would work out this week especially that MOTHER's Day is fast approaching. I still haven't thought of of any surprises yet, but I certainly will prepare something special for my most precious "Mamang."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meet the Glutton

When in times your in a bearable status, with mood perfectly doing fine, expect something*slash* someone who would bug around and wreck everything up. Just read through this post and you'll surely know what I'm murmuring about.

Actually, I came in school today to look for news articles which I used in my training just this afternoon, then surf a bit on the internet to open my account on blogger, facebook and twitter. But when I was already having a good time editing some photos of mine in, a pesky bastard kept on bothering me. Sorry! I didn't mean to have him named that way but he becomes so annoying sometimes which I find despising already.

I don't know if this man is on his mind or not because every time I tell him to stop, he just continued on his sarcasms and jests. So disturbing! So you think it ends there? Absolutely not. From messing my mood, now messing my stuff. Could you imagine, he took my biscuit from my unzipped bag. As in directly without asking my approval.

Instead of firing-up to madness, I tried to be calm as much as possible-- breathed deep, then silenced for awhile. It was quite alright since I still got another biscuit left. I know its not good to be greedy but its worse to be rude. Getting other people's property without the owner's permission? I mean, where's your manners there?

This isn't the first time I encountered instances like these. In our office, where I usually stay, there's a lot of sharing happening around yet double the number of stealing going on among staffs.  I just hope this kind of behavior won't be tolerated anymore for it is both irritating and unrighteous.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ain't Time For a Change

School or work??

My title is inspired from Cat Steven's composition, "Father and Son," which has these lines:
'Its not time to make a change, just relax take it easy.....
Ur still young, thats  ur fault, 
There's so much u have to know...'
The song kinda relates to this experience I will be sharing to you today.
Here it goes...

Conversation via phone text:
My Friend:   Convergy's Bacolod will be hiring new employees this coming April 26-27. For interested                     applicants, just send me ur name and phone number.
Me:    Huh? Are u serious with this?
My Friend:   Yes! Are u interested? Give it a try!
Me: ok! Send my name and number to them. Thanks for informing me...
My Friend:   Don't worry. They will just contact you later on.

And they surely did because a day before the said job-hiring, I received a phone call from the company. Then I pondered: instances like this comes once in a blue moon, why not grab it?

Though quite reluctant, I went to the agreed date (April 26) and place (Bethel Guest House) with a friend's company, Shen, whom I encouraged to join me in my application. However, she haven't stayed that long and got home earlier than me after not having been qualified in the interview. Actually, the applicants were interviewed by batch. Shen and I were in the same group. There were 6 of us but only 2 lucky applicants obtained a satisfactory result from one of Convergy's supervisors, that includes me.

The calvary doesn't end there. I, as well, undergone a long examination, all related to computer and mathematics. If only I knew those things would appear in the test, I should've reviewed my lessons in Basic Computer 111 and 112. Tsk! 'Twas hard, I must say, especially the questions on math. I despise math problems concerning percentage and money, really! Yet I remained grateful because, without any anticipation, I passed.

During our lunch break, I haven't consumed my time on eating but instead thinking what choice to pick. First off, my studies. If I would pursue this job, I'll surely be very busy since I have to work full-time. My studies will be at stake for sure especially that the working place is in Bacolod, few miles from where I reside. As soon as my parents received the news about how I passed that morning, they expressed the same sentiment with mine. They, too, are concerned on the outcomes if ever I get hired. My father really wanted me to finish college and that's what I aimed for. On second thought, the salary. Convergy's, based on what I've heard, is one company that provides one full blow of financial assistance.
 What will I do? What road shall I take?

The challenge was too tricky. I was so confused at that time and decided to go into a mall for awhile. I sought for signs that could lead me to the right answer for my query. There I saw this book about dreams where objects, persons, events, animals and some other things that are present in your dreams are being interpreted.

As far as I could remember,  night before 26th of April, I dreamt of our  university president. That position of his wasn't included in the book but I just considered him as a teacher since he's also mentoring Spanish classes. The book says:
   Teacher- more advice, guidance, and knowledge for you on decision making

It didn't help a lot but it was a good sign. hmmm...

I repressed my nagging and proceeded to our next examination. In the afternoon, we actually went to an internet station where we did our hands-on activity. I took all 4 tests but I only passed 3 of them since the other one freaked me out because it was like your in an actual scenario wherein customer speaks to you through that audio player. A bit confusing for a novice like me who had never been through this before.

phEw! I was so close to the final interview. But, I wasn't regretful. It was another 'first-time' experience that gave me an idea on the hustle and bustle on employment, particularly on call centers. At least, the next time I hunt for jobs, I know what to do. 

Actually, because of that failed grade I had on the last examination, realization came upon me that I should really be in school rather then entering that one big responsibility.

As a I quote it, "Much time to study, more opportunities to come..." 

Can't wait 'till I get back to school .. ;-)

Monday, April 30, 2012


Just yesterday, we made a quick visit to my mother's place in Tanjay City,  one hour ride from my town. We relaxed in my grandparents house. Then craved on what grandma served on the table, MANGO-- the most sought-after tropical fruit grown here in the Philippines. We savored its sweetness, the ones left from last day's harvest.
Next stop, to where my cousin's dwell. Before reaching their house, a beautiful farm with a steep beside can be seen from afar. 
There I met some relatives of mine whom I haven't seen for several months already. A lot of chatting, story-telling, laughing and eating, again, took place. The mirthy atmosphere suddenly added with surprise as to when my uncle showed us a BAT,caught few minutes before we arrived. He tried to kill the poor creature but my parents ceased him from doing so. Pity and compassion embraced me seeing the little fella shriek, forcing himself to escape from my uncle's robust hands. Just  when we were about to set him free, there I discovered that the nocturnal animal was still very young, having such feeble wings, and still has no experience in flying.
Having no means of harm, we just let his sharp-clawed feet grab on to that branch of a plant in my aunt's garden. The ever nescient and curious me took the opportunity of getting near him. That was my very first time to have a close-up look and to touch a bat. Its face has a little resemblance on a horse; teeth that are needlelike; and skin covered with ash-colored fur same with what the rat has.
A bit scared but I find him cute. As a pet lover, it is my obligation to give pamper and protection to such animal. Hope his bat parents would see him from the plant where he was been hanged.

My sojourn in Tanjay was fun, yet still incomplete. Actually, my main reason of going there was to see some of my godparents, but I guess fortune got too rough on me for I saw none. Too bad! 
For those who knew what i mean, just keep it yourself!
For those who dont, better not ask!. ;-)

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