Sunday, November 20, 2011

Travel of A Lifetime

  My younger brother, John Steven just had his 8th birthday last October 9. Basically this is one celebration wherein members of the family are expected to be all present. Since it happens once a year, we make the most out of it. However, a typical birthday party which we used to have didn’t work out. Instead, an unexpected happening took place.

1st Flight.
              My father who was given an offer to work in Manila for three weeks, supposed to be on his way back in Dumaguete by October 8 yet it was being moved on the 9th due to the extreme typhoon.
                Unfortunately, Papa wasn’t able to make it to his flight on the 9th. The plane had flown up when he arrived at the airport, an hour earlier than the time of departure scheduled on his plane ticket. There he realized that the flight scheduling in Manila is a lot different compared to what’s in Dumaguete. Here, airplanes fly exactly on the appointed time.
                As to when Papa called, my mother and Steven wept. It squeezes Mama’s heart to hear him hardly crying on the phone—apologizing for not coming home and explicating what had just happened.
                At that time I wasn’t home for dinner because ‘twas our Physical Education Night. I spent the rest of the night at TN office together with my friend Shen Mae. We stayed there since her father didn’t come to fetch us. I just knew the bad news as soon as I reached home.
                The day which supposed to be packed with nimble and fun turned out dejected and gloomy. Since Papa was so down-poured, his boss threw a children’s party (bought food, drinks, cake, and even invited little kids) to alleviate his sorrow of missing us, his family. They sang “Happy Birthday” on phone so that Steven won’t be sad anymore.
Though that special day was all wrecked up, father was still grateful of having such great boss, so generous and kind—someone who understood and sympathized him on one of his darkest hours. For the time being, they also went to church and shop through malls and Divisoria to buy us ‘Pasalubong.’
                                                                   2nd Flight.
October 11 came. He left Cavite (where my father stayed along with his bosses) as early as he could. Again for the second time around, he was barred by the security and was told that the airplane was ready for takeoff.  Determined and eager of going home, he persistently asked approval on catching it and so, the guard allowed him. He waved his bosses goodbye and hurriedly proceed to where the plane was located.

 Actually, on his way, he got a chance to see up close some PALEA( Philippine Airlines Employees Association ) staffs having their rally due to some certain issues.

       The area was so wide he can’t even see a single plane. They departed at about 6:02 in the morning and   had arrived around 8:00.
The three of us, Mama, Steven and I, jumped into rejoice as he got out from the arrival station. We hugged him so tight as if he was gone for years. Can you blame us? We aren’t accustomed of being separated for just a couple of days. From then on, Papa realized that it’s not easy working and living distant away from your loved ones.
                Despite the predicaments he had gone through in coming back, everything was still worth it. It was not only the job and salary that he’s up to; it’s the urging of his heart and mind to grasp the opportunity of traveling. It’s a dream come true for Papa to ride on an airplane, travel in a far away land and to visit some of his relatives in Manila, especially Lola Titang whom he haven’t seen for several years.
Among the things he treasured the most, one of which would probably be his journey to Manila. A remarkable experience indeed --- something that is worth remembering.

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