Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Youth: Hope or Despair of the Fatherland?

Ang kabataaan ang pag-asa ng bayan,” very much familiar with it, right? Who would ever fail to remember this popular quote from such noble leader, hero and a man, Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal. In El Filibusterismo, he stated youth’s way in the past of fighting for their nation which weakened the Spaniards. Today, by just looking at majority of the teens, can we still be considered as savior of our fellow countrymen?
In this fast changing world, things which were practiced before by youth such as our traditional customs, are gently reaching its extinction. Some may have been sticking to the classic way of living but most of us, admit it or not, are more indulged to what’s new, satisfying and enjoyable-earthly things which  could be considered irrelevant yet for us, truly essential, directly affecting youth’s consciousness.
Technology Influences. Youth of today are exposed to the internet and the risks it poses. Technology has a great impact to those of young age. They spend most of their time surfing the internet, playing online games, chatting perhaps other unfavorable things. The impact of technology is great and useful yet it can also produce bad effects to the youth of today.
Of course with the extending advancement of technology in this era, teenagers are truly attached to television, radio, computer, cellular phones, digital cameras and some other high-tech gadgets seen in all places. Here comes the use of powerpoints, youtube videos, facebook, blogs, etc. With these things, we get the most of what we want-­--vast information for our homework, projects and other school purposes, friends and followers over social networking site, entertainment on television and radio shows, and as well as music and videos we download and upload anytime and anywhere.
I guess it's only natural that today's teens are saturated with various forms of visual entertainment. In the classroom, students continuously complain that "I'm bored" or "This is sooo boring" when they are forced to read silently or complete paperwork. Students certainly seem to be more interested when they are doing various forms of classwork on the computer instead of being subjected to old fashioned techniques such as lecturing or silent reading.
Apparently, despite the advantages youth gains from this outcome of modernization, it also appeared to be influential in bad aspect. Let’s take this for an instance, the obscene and violent episodes on TV, nude photos and videos, even war-type games we find in the internet, which isn’t that essential in our daily living. These mediums which supposedly pertain for good reasons now serve as amusement and leisure activity of teenagers, especially to student, thus greatly affecting youth’s being. We can no longer get rid of it since it’s habitually done by most of us. That is why we became more dependent, indolent, incapable and vicious.

Environment Affect. Another considerable factor that gives us youth wrong perspective in life is the things that surround us. Our teens are at a tough crossroad of life for some, not yet old enough to drive, have a job or in their words "be taken seriously." Children ages 12 and up often find themselves feeling as if they have no place to go. Oddly enough, they usually fulfill their quest for privacy in public settings.
One good example of it are our friends and peer groups. It’s nice to get acquainted or to have someone whom you could buddy up because that is what we are Filipinos, known to be sociable people. Time spent with friends offers the chance to feel part of his or her peers. Grappling with teen issues always seems easier if you're not the only one experiencing them. Teens enjoy a sense of escape from the "real world" of homework and household chores and appreciate the wise opinions of their peers on what is "in."
Yet, it becomes bad when one would pay too much attention to it like spending much time with others than with your family. The desire to spend time, often doing virtually nothing, with friends is overwhelming. It is also often bewildering to parents. While the comforts of home offer numerous amenities, teens still go in search of someplace else to be, a place away from all orders of parents and  responsibilities of  being a student— a search of a non-judgmental haven where no one would tell him/her what to do.
 Some circumstances in teenage life for girls are the following: shopping on malls, watching movies and hanging-out on Hayahay, Bakunawa, Barefoot, Garahe,  Coco Amigos, El Camino Blanco and other clubs and restobars in the city; whereas for boys, the most suitable place for them are internet cafes where they can do online gaming such as DOTA, Special Force, even Plants vs. Zombies and many other computer games. Other habitual practices teens do are texting (the very usual thing), sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and other stuffs which only brings pleasure and temporary joy to us, without even realizing how irrelevant these things are.
On the worst part, what if you had chosen the wrong people to be with? Nowadays, sororities and fraternities run rampantly in society. Its possibility aren’t only limited to non-schoolers but even to Norsunians who are affiliated with the elicit organization commonly known as “gang.”
 They claim that Rizal was wrong because the youth cannot be the nation’s hope, for they are still dependent on their parents, do not have a voice in national affairs, and are still struggling with their lessons in schools. The young are delinquent, addicted to illegal drugs, join violent and criminal gangs, engaging in pre-marital sex has resulted in more abortions, teenage mothers and sexually transmitted infections.A survey in one Asian country revealed that the majority of 15- to 24-year-old males felt that premarital intercourse was not only accepted but expected of them. Little wonder that throughout the world most young people have had sex before they reach 19 years of age.
Youngsters of today became more formidable, conceited, indignant, rude and violent. The things we’ve seen from our environment, as well as from the people we’ve encounter are indeed influential. It is important for us, especially students to think first before leaping unto deeds which might lead us into failure and remorse.

Teens are Capable. Despite all these negativity, teens could also do well in their society, family and most especially for themselves.  I think young people are also willing to shoulder responsibility besides enjoying entertainment and freedom. Although young people have the privilege of being restricted by less responsibilities compared to the adults, that does not imply they are reluctant to take responsibilities. For example, young people work hard in school in order to have a better job in the future. This is actually returning their parents by not wasting their money and care on them and giving them less apprehension. Some have to work part time to pay their school fees and study hard at the same time. It shows young people are willing to take the responsibility of caring towards their family members although the extents of success differ.

Moreover, most students are very fond of  joining different organizations in which they could reach out to the community and provide them with the best service that they could give.
It's our turn to make the country progressive and profitable. Let us prove to them, that we fit to be labeled as the hope of the nation. In fact, we all have our guts, capabilities and knowledge. It really depends on how we use it.  Let us prove to our elders that we too can. Whether before or after, youth should be what Jose Rizal had said, a youth that our country could be proud of.

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