Saturday, September 3, 2011

Way Back Home

His cute, cuddly, adorable and playful- that is how I depict Lassie, my ever loyal cat. We have been together for almost four years, no wonder our closeness is totally infinite.

The Lost. Until one day, as I opened my eyes, I noticed that there’s nothing furry beside me (actually, we share in the same bed). That was the first time that I didn't hear him greeting me a good morning ‘Meow!’ I felt odd because since then I’m already accustomed on seeing him first thing in the morning and now he disappeared like a bubble being blown. 

    Weeks passed yet he never returned. There I fretted, asking both mom and dad if they did something bad that hurt him, making him leave the house. However, I saw no signs of abuse from my parents because since then they've been so kind, patient and considerate to my cat no matter how mischievous he is.
       Each day without his presence made me missed him more. I cried for plenty of nights thinking some possible motives of his departure. I can’t even remember an instance that we haven’t gave him food because honestly that cat eats three times a day. He had never even gotten any illness(based on what we observed from our cats before, a cat who is sick or nearly dying would find a place, away from his owner, where he could lay and die—kay di sila ganahan nga masakitan ilang amo sa ilang pagkamatay), so why would he leave???

   Our hope had lessened on waiting and looking for something that was nowhere to be found. And so we thought, he might be dead already.

The Return. One early morning at 4, my mother persistently awakening me. I ignored her at first but as soon as I've heard a familiar voice of a cat, I quickly opened my eyes and was surprised to see the cat who abandoned me for many weeks and whom  we thought dead was there, perfectly alive. “Lassie returned?” My mother said that she saw him on top of their cabinet, deeply asleep.

      His appearance was a miracle to us. Until now we still can't figure out what had happened to him, either he was captured, allured by a female cat or thrown into somewhere. No matter what the reason is, I didn't really care because what's more important to me is that he came back to the place where he belongs, to where he can find family and a place where he can call home.

                  By the way, Lassie is a type of an Egyptian Mau.

Hello Kitty!

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