Sunday, August 14, 2011

It Was SoO Close

It was one pleasant day and the sun was brightening up so high. So there I was sitting on one of the lounges of the university. I have a strong feeling that today is going to be my day and indeed it was. I saw my ultimate crush---itago nlang natin sa pangalang JUAN. He was there, a seat apart from me. Everything about him was astounding, the figure of his face, those broad shoulder, lips so kissable, eyes so mesmerizing. I can't give a glimpse on him because I don't want him to discover that I have hidden feelings for him.Until I didn't take the pressure no more. I turn my head and see what he was doing and there I found out that he was also staring back at me.

His eyes were very capitvating, like I almost melt down. I gazed back because I don't want to miss the moment that he is looking at me. And so our eyes met. There came an irony, I am now the girl of steel and his my magnet. I was filed with so much emotions, it was like there is a great energy forcing me to get near him. It doesn't just end there, what happen next was more exciting. He came near me and sat beside me. That was the most memorable thing that ever happened to my life.At first I really don't know his purpose of  doing so but I don't care, what's important to me was he was mine at that time.

Suddenly he said, "Can you be my girlfriend?" I was so shocked. Everything around us turned into 'slow mo.' I really don't know what to react. I paused for awhile and started to asked myself its truly happening. But then he held my hand with no warning and so, with no hesitation I said 'yes!' WHY NOT???? He's the man of my dreams.

I dreamed for this moment to arrive. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. What I did was just to grab it rather than putting it to waste. What's confusing is, it just so happen very fast. I guess that is what they call being 'lucky in love.'

Everything was falling into place just what I expected. After such courtship, he gently touch my cheeks with his both delicate hands. His pinkish lips slowly moving towards mine. But before we reached to it's very climax, the part  wherein our lips are suppose to unite, I felt water dropping on my face from nowhere. Eventually a loud voice echoed all over the place, shouting, "Mata nah! Udto nah!"

I opened my eyes with the realization that everything was a matter of fantasy. And now I should face the real world.

I really hate when someone interrupts me whenever I'm having a wonderful dream. I have no other option but to rise from my bed because the longer time  I consume in acting asleep, the more drops of water my mother would sprinkle on my face.

The only words I uttered were, "Sayanga uie! Mao na tah toh! It was soooOo close!" I just hope the next time I would have a dream like that, it will end romantically, the way it should be, so that I would still feel contentment though its only a dream. Then again, I also wished that somehow that kind of a dream will come into reality.In that case, I would be more satisfied!!!

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