Friday, August 26, 2011

Disappointingly Scary

One monday night of August, when I was heading on our terminal, I noticed that someone was following and calling, "JELA! JELA! JEL!!! GWAPA!!!!" (oh dibah gapabungol-bungol jud pero nang masambit na ang word na gwapa una pa nilingi.)I harked back to see who it was and felt glad to see that it was just my classmates way back in high school. I was totally surprised seeing them after months of separation since graduation. I grabbed them in my arms and then they also hugged me back. There were at least 15 of them, three of them were studying in Silliman and two in Foundation University,but most of us were NORSUnians ---so, wa ra ko maOP..

We talked lots of topis that day. Each shared their stories of love, heartaches, thrill and hardships both in family and student life. Our conversation  took a long time and I didn't even noticed that it was almost 7 pm in the evening. Later on,  we felt bored until such time that one of my friend in Silliman suggests that we should visit and experience great suspense in their Horror Chamber.

When we arrived at the  place,  it was really creepy.  Darkness enveloped the surrounding. The only thing that guided us to the their horror booth were candles.At first I hesitated if I should really continue, not because with the fear that I felt but because of the entrance fee of 10 pesos...(heheh inuta nako sah) However, curiosity prevails and so I proceed (naa na gud lamang ko didto, eh di nilubus-lubos ko nah). I didn't care if it could be considered as a waste of money but for me its an experience worth paying for.

When its already our turn, we weren't allowed to go in group but only by two's or by three's. I was with my friend Leona. Both of us were so frightened, knees shivering, hands freezing especially when we were told nah, "Kung naay mo-open nga door ayaw mo ug sulod. Di na na part sa amung pangpanghadlok, wa nami labut ana kay sa hallway ra jud nang amu'a  gi-occupy." I felt nervous with what the girl said even if I already knew that true ghosts really exist in that university. I was also disappointed because hugging the ghosts inside the chamber were prohibited, which was really my main purpose of coming,hehehe..

It was dark  inside, there were terrifying sounds, so many ghosts but honestly the exprience wasn't  that scary. Though I screamed maybe once or twice, still 'hindi nila nakayang buhayin ang katawang lupa ko.' 

It would have been better if they made special effects like lights, blood, webs and etc. but there were none. Thrilling but not horrifying enough.. Still, I felt happy because at least now I experienced entering a horror chamber on one of the most prestigious universities here in Dumaguete.
          ---How I wish NORSU could also have the same activity.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Please Hear Us


                                Our professor,
                             Who art in school
               Graceful be your name, our exams come,
                              And it will be done
                On test papers as it is in our class cards
                    Give us this day our daily grade,
                     And forgive us from copying
                 As we forgive those who copied from us.
                      Do not bring us to flat 4 or 5
                     But deliver us from flat 1 or 2


A little reminder to all: kung BOBO ka talaga, kahit ano pang dasal moE, di na yan e-epekto..
Peace sa naiGu!!  :P 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Slammed the Grandslam

“Who will seize the crown?” — is a common question every PBA fanatics has in mind after Talk ‘N Text managed to defeat Petron in Game 6 of the 36th PBA Governors Cup, allowing both teams to extend the titular showdown until Game 7 that was scheduled at Smart Araneta Coliseum, 7:00PM.
During the first quarter, TNT was totally left behind but slowly and surely they were able to recover. However Petron Blaze Boosters keep on gaining shots.
Not in Talk N Text thus matched the versatility of Petron though they did everything they could. Petron lead the game until fourth quarter. The scores from first to fourth quarter were28-17, 40-34, 64-53 respectively.
During the last 2 minutes of the game, pressure was gently risen up between the players in each team. Momentum was totally high.

Everyone’s standing, screaming and praying for their bets. Obviously, tension was there. Even I, who am only watching on TV, also felt nervous because I really don’t want TNT to be defeated. But I guess fate has been bitter to them.

It was sweet redemption for the Petron Blaze Boosters as they defeated the Talk N Text Tropang Texters garnering the score of 85-73, taking home the title by winning the series, 4 games to 3.
The loss was devastating to the Tropang Texters’ players, Chiqui Reyes (coach), and to their fans, particularly me. I felt bad because Petron’s victory derailed Talk N Text's hopes of achieving a historic grand slam. Despite the frustrating outcome of the game, still I congratulate them for showing such determination and aggressiveness. They could also be considered lucky because they have reached that far, which other teams aspire to. 
 I acknowledge these players for giving their full effort in for Talk N Text Tropang Texters: Jimmy Alapag, Fonacier, Ranidel, Castro, Williams and to their import, Baker who had once played for LA CLippers in NBA.
To the champions, Arwind Santos(MVP), Miranda, Cabagnut, and Grundy(import), keep the good job!

Though they weren’t able to bring home the bacon, in my heart, they always are winners, never losers.

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