Sunday, July 23, 2017


Good news or bad news, whatever it might seem
A blessing or a curse, she once considered it as a dream
Day by day, signs became evident
That a young life grew hidden on a human blanket

Acceptance was the only option she had
Afraid that liberation would come to an end
Yet risk her life in the hands of death
And endured all pain to see such beauty on her first breath

At first glance, she teared
Life is about to change, she feared
Motherhood as a restraint, duty is bound
Pulling things together for obligations are yet to come
Yet envisioned the future with nothing but all positivity
As she grasped her little bundle of joy

Hushed by thy gentle touch
Scrupulously clutched by thy arms of strength
Cuddled by thy warm embrace
Spoiled with thy kisses of love and pamper

Goodnight lullabies became hymns of life
ABCs learnt molded into point of views
Reprimands turned into advices of concern
Etiquette and manners to mind and apply
Withdrawn from world’s innocence and ignorance,
Developed a mind and being from her discreet presence and guidance.

From fairytale books to digital gadgets
From rattle and teethers to mirrors and hairbrush
From sweet candies to bitter medicinal remedies and supplements
From visiting the neighborhood to spontaneous out-of- towns
From messing my hair to fixing the scarred heart

Fun-spirited childhood to an emotional roller coaster teen days
Time may have had its own alterations but you remained as you were,
Exact same lady who were my eyes when things were a total blur;
My ears when I still can barely hear
Changing each ordinary day as a thing of spur

Came out in this world as delicate as a bud
But was raised in this world with a marvelous thud
Protected by the brisk of thy shield
Struck by her bow and arrow
Tames many by a single whip of her lasso
Lingers as bright as her laser beams
Appears from nowhere like a speed of lightning
Honored to be born with a mother so noble and might.

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